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This web page was created for surfers of Long Island, and Long Beach (NY). Here, you'll find information about the surf shops, surf reports, and surfing in general. Check out the current wave action being broadcast live daily from my SurfCam  Visit often to check out the newest pictures and video clips of of those who brave the waters of our fine beach.

Who is surfer Jim?

Surfer Jim grew up in upstate New York in a three stoplight town where surfboards were about as common as touch-tone phones. He dreamt of surfing while lying in pastures watching the cows come home. After moving to Long Beach in April 1996, his dreams became reality, after purchasing his first board. His eight foot Cannibal held out through the summer until waves from hurricane Oliver decimated it, cracking it in half. Click here to contact Surfer Jim

Where's Long Beach

Long Beach (NY) is located on the Southern shore of Long Island. We have a direct view to the Atlantic ocean. Our best waves come from NorEasters in the Winter and early Spring, and from hurricanes that track up the East coast in the late Summer and Fall. Waves can get double overhead with up to 15 foot faces, pretty fun! Mostly, when its good, we get waist to chest conditions. The water temperatures range from the mid 30's (F) in the Winter to high 70's (F) in the Summer. Click the map icon below to see where we are.

Natures Shapes

Natures Shapes Mike made me a kick-azz longboard that lets me grab waves on small days, and a fishy that comes out when the waves are pumping in from a deep ocean swell. Mike will hook you with a quality board that will take the punishment you dish out, and allow you to still look good when you're stylin' on the perfect wave.

Surf Reports

  • 516-431-5431 (All Seasons Surf Shop)
  • 516-892-7972 (UnSound Surf Shop)

Surf Forecasts

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